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more than 35 years experience in the application of geological sciences to grass roots reconnaissance and development programs for metallic and industrial minerals




A mining company’s success is measured by its ability to identify, acquire, develop and exploit those mining assets, that will provide an overall rate of return that exceeds those of its competitors.

Geomineinfo provides a wide variety of cost-effective geological and analytical services to help our clients’ meet their corporate goals and add value to their mineral holdings.  

Skills gained over many years of experience evaluating mineral systems enables Geomineinfo to get the most out extensive scientific and technical data that is preserved in old mining records of historical mining districts. 

The successful retrieval of this scientific and technical data within relational databases can be used to produce geological and engineering models that can be used by our clients to help direct on-going district exploration and development programs as well as solving mining and metallurgical issues arising at existing mining operations.


I'm sure everyone has heard the phrase; "If it can't be grown it must be mined."  Mining is on of the basic industries, which form the foundation of modern society.  Without the products of mining, modern society as you know it would not exist.

All other industries are dependent on the products derived from mining.  Just think about it for a minute.  Even the food we consume requires products made from minerals to plant, fertilize, harvest and distribute it to the consumer.

Over the coming months, the "Mining and You" forum will discuss a wide variety of local and national issues related to mining and the role mining has played and continues to play in history.  Other topics will include how science, technology and innovative mining practices are used to find and responsibly develop the mineral resources, which present and future generations of Americans will require to maintain their economic and national security.  I invite everyone to join and participate in these discussions.


Geomineinfo offers a wide variety of geological and analytical services for the minerals exploration and mining industry.

  • project generation and managment.
  • database management, compilation, integration, analysis and interpretation.
  • identification of potential targets for property acqusition and business mergers
  • accurate assessment of mining and exploration property assets and liabilities.
  • development of reliable sampling protocols and chain of custody procedures.
  • geological and geotechnical logging.
  • independent, discrete and confidential property appraisals.
  • land availability assessments.
  • strategic planning and commoditiy studies.
  • reports and testimony on public issues involving the mining industry.
  • maintains extensive conventional and digital data archives of geological, engineering, metallurgical, environmental and financial information.


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Knowledge is power.  Geomineinfo can help you achieve your company's goals through the collection, organization and analysis of scientific and technical data.

seeking solutions through the use of technology to organize, integrate and evaluate our existing knowledge base

finding and developing the mineral resources that will supply the present and future needs of modern society

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David F. Briggs, Economic Geologist

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