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May 12, 2015     America's Mining Industry is Vital to Our Economic and National Security

January 23, 2015     President Obama, Actions Speak Louder than Words

January 18, 2015     This is not just about Rosemont; Falling Copper Prices will Adversely Impact all Arizonans

January 31, 2014    Tucson Gem and Mineral Show - Diamonds in Arizona

January 25, 2014    60th Anniversary Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

January 15, 2014    All Jobs are Important

November 24, 2013    Lack of Smelter Capacity is a Symptom of What Ails Our Nation

October 31, 2013    Are Boom-and-Bust Cycles Unique to the Mining Industry?

August 3, 2013     Those Who Fail to Heed the Lessons of History Will Make the Same Mistakes

February 16, 2009    Environmental Imperialism:  A Growing Threat to the Environment and Our National Economy

September 26, 2007    Importance of Arizona's Copper Industry to Our National Economy


August 8, 2016    White Scar along the Western Flank of the Santa Rita Mountains

July 20, 2015    Exploration History of the Resolution Copper Deposit, Pinal County, Arizona

July 19, 2015    History of the Magma Mine, Superior, Arizona

July 16, 2015   History of the Siliver King Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

June 4, 2015     History of the Warren (Bisbee) Mining District

March 15, 2014    History of Helvetia-Rosemont Mining District, Pima County, Arizona

March 5, 2014    History of the Florence Copper Deposit, Pinal County, Arizona

December 22, 2013    History of the San Manuel-Kalamazoo Mine, Pinal County, Arizona

October 19, 2013    Discovery of Pima-Mission Copper Mine, Pima County, Arizona


March 22, 2016    The Arizona Geological Survey:  A Small but Important State Agency that Serves the Citizens of Arizona

July 14, 2015    Pima County Needs to Rethink its Priorities

November 18, 2013    Local Government Officials Continue to Ignore Obvious Solutions for our Fiscal Problems

November 2, 2013    H. R. 2467 - A Threat to America's Economic and National Security

July 14, 2013    The NEPA Process Needs to be More Efficient

June 28, 2013    The Withdrawal of Public Lands from Multiple Land Use Status Threatens Our National and Economic Security

June 25, 2013    Let's Not Kill the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg

May 27, 2009     U. S. Mining Law Reform - An Industry View

Resolution Copper

August 10, 2015    Just Saying "No" is not a Viable Option

July 27, 2015   Just Saying No Does Not Solve the Challenges We Face as a Modern Society

July 8, 2015   Apaches Question Actions of their Leadership

July 5, 2015   America Needs to Move Forward Instead of Dwelling on our Past

June 29, 2015    Exposing the Myth:  Resolution Copper's Connection with the Islamic Republic of Iran

June 19, 2015     Congressman Grijalva Attempts to Undermine Our Economy and National Security

June 9, 2015     Resolution Copper - Setting the Record Straight about Oak Flat

Rosemont Copper

July 8, 2016  Center for Biological Diversity's Poster Child is AWOL

June 13, 2016   Critical Habitat - An Ineffective Way to Protect the Jaguar

February 7, 2016   Environmental NGOs' Efforts to Halt Rosemont Copper Project Threaten El Jefe

May 2, 2015    Rosemont Copper:  Things are Not Always as They are Portrayed

January 8, 2015     Arizonans Show their Support for the Rosemont Copper Project

June 14, 2014     Lucy, Charlie Brown and the Football

March 16, 2014    Good Journalism is Based on Facts Not Speculation

January 28, 2014    Rosemont Copper's Actions Speak Louder than the Words of its Opponents

January 21, 2014    Arizonans are Looking Forward to Rosemont Copper's Approval

January 5, 2014    America's Future Depends on Decisions We Make Today

December 30, 2013    Opponent's Desperation Evident as Rosemont Moves Closer to Becoming a Reality

December 26, 2013    Scientific Studies Show Coleman's Coralroot is Not Endangered

December 17, 2013    The Decision We Make on the Rosemont Copper Project will have National Implications

November 29, 2013    Responsibility - Our Actions Impact Others

November 27, 2013    Coronado National Forest Announces the Completion of the Rosemont Copper Final Environmental Impact Statement

November 21, 2013    The News of Rosemont Copper's Demise has been Greatly Exaggerated

September 20, 2013    Rosemont Copper:  An Argument for Reforming the Process Used to Permit Mining Projects

August 23, 2013    Some Interesting Questions to Ponder about Rosemont Copper

August 17, 2013    Rosemont Copper - It's Time to Put Southern Arizona Back to Work

August 8, 2013    Setting the Record Straight about Rosemont Copper

July 31, 2013     Distinguishing Fact from Fiction

July 25, 2013    Lets Allow Our Nation's Environmental Laws to Do the Job as They were Originally Intended

July 24, 2013    Ratings Don't Last, Good Journalism Does

July 9, 2013     Cooperation is the Answer for Solving Southeastern Arizona's Challenges

October 29, 2009    The Only Thing We have to Fear is Fear Itself

Mining News

September 3, 2015    Gold King Mine - A Game of Russian Roulette with a Bad Outcome

August 18, 2015   Did an Ice Plug Cause the Gold King Mine Spill?

August 14, 2014     Anglo American Acquires an Interest in the Copper Project Creek Projects

Book Reviews

August 3, 2015    A Book Review - Intrepid Explorer

July 10, 2015   Write-In Ballot - A Book Review

Science and Technology

May 21, 2015     Advances in Technology Enable Arizona's Mines to be Competitive in the Global Marketplace

February 19, 2014    Responsible Development of our Domestic Mineral Resources is Crucial to Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century

January 19, 2014    Supergene Enrichment - How Natural Processes have Transformed Low-Grade Copper Mineralization into Economic Ores

January 11, 2014    What is a Porphyry Copper Deposit?

November 20, 2013    How Copper Ore is Transformed into Products You Use Everyday

October 29, 2013     Interesting Facts about Arizona, Tucson and Copper

October 16, 2013    An Introduction to the Minng and You Forum

Links to Referenced Articles

January 20, 2012    EPA - Field Activities Report - Mine Adit Entry - Red and Bonita Mine Site, Silverton, San Juan Co., Colorado

May 2015  -  EPA - Red and Bonita Mine Removal Action - Bulkhead Plan  Summary

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